Organizing an appropriate dissertation title page

Your dissertation is the most important piece of academic work you will ever have to do. There are a number of strict guidelines that you will need to follow and it is essential that you are meticulous in implementing these instructions. Each part of your thesis is important and you should ensure that you put an equal amount of effort into every page; however, the dissertation title page is the gateway into your work and first impressions count so it is crucial that you get this stage right. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Write the title of your dissertation in capital letters and position it two inches underneath the top of the page. You will also need to ensure that it is in the center of the margins.
  2. Your full name should stand alone without any qualifications or titles one inch underneath the thesis title. When your dissertation is published, the way you write your name is how it is going to appear; therefore, make sure that you write it the way you want your name printed.
  3. Write the name of your university, the name of the degree and the name of the department.
  4. Type in the address or the location of your university.
  5. When typing the degree requirement, ensure that you write it in full without using any abbreviations.
  6. You can place your speciality area or your subject in brackets after you have written your department name.
  7. The year that the dissertation is approved by your faculty should be written a single line space underneath the university address.
  8. You will then need to write the words “Approved by” one inch underneath the year on the right hand side of the page formatted so that the lines have double spaces between them. You don’t need to include the positions, titles or qualifications of the teachers just the names.
  9. Finally, make sure that you do not initial or number the title page.

Final Thought

You should look at some dissertation title examples to give you a better idea of what is expected of you. Regardless of the subject you are studying, you can check this site for a sample available for you. Also your local or college library will be able to assist you or you can type in for example, English literature dissertation titles and see what you can find online.