How to write a conclusion for a dissertation in an hour

The conclusion to your dissertation is perhaps the most important element of the entire project. You really are pushing it wanting to get it written in an hour but it is possible if you follow these simple steps on how to write a conclusion for a dissertation.

  • Get organized
    There is nothing worse than trying to do something important when you are surrounded by chaos. Therefore, it is essential that you get organized before you start writing your dissertation conclusions. This doesn’t mean that you have to tidy your entire house, but just make sure the room and the desk area where you are going to study is tidy. You should also have everything you will need at arm’s length such as stationary, textbooks and snacks. If you want to get your conclusion written in an hour, you are not going to have the time to get up searching for what you need every ten minutes.
  • Remove All Distractions
    This is not the time to be conversating with friends and watching your favorite show. You have a goal to reach and it is essential that you get there so that you don’t miss your deadline. Submitting your work late is equally as bad as not writing it at all because you will get a substantial amount of points deducted. Therefore, turn off the TV, your phone, social media, radio and anything else that can distract you from writing your conclusion. Put a sign on your door saying do not disturb and get on with it.
  • Write the Conclusion
    As stated earlier, your conclusion is the most important part of your dissertation. It is here where you will really tie together the main points of your argument in order to convince your reader to agree with your thesis statement. To write a good conclusion, you will need to refer back to the introduction and your dissertation title to ensure that everything that you write here connects and flows with the rest of what you have written. It is also important that you don’t add any new information here because you don’t want to confuse your reader.
  • Final Thought
    Now that you know how to write a dissertation conclusion in an hour you can go ahead and start writing. If you are serious about getting the conclusion written within this time frame it is essential that you get organized and that you shut out any distractions so that you can focus on the task at hand.