Free manual on writing a quality dissertation appendix

Your dissertation is the most important piece of work you will ever have to do during your academic career. It accounts for more than fifty percent of your final grade; therefore, it is essential that you get it right. To begin with, there are three things you should take note of when writing your dissertation appendix:

  1. This part of your project does not get graded.
  2. You cannot use the appendix to add to your word count.
  3. An appendix is only used to add information that is important to your research.
Here are some instructions for writing your thesis appendix:

  • Information to Include
    You can use an appendix for various types of information, this includes the following:
    1. Research results: Your research results are often presented in a range of different formats including figures and tables, or graphs and charts, surveys and questionnaires. The question is what results should you include in the appendix because the majority of them will go into the main body of the dissertation. The answer is that the less significant of your results should go into the appendix; these include detailed descriptions of your supplemental analyses or your sample that do not assist in answering your thesis statement. If you used software for your statistics, your tutor might also request that you include your analysis outputs.
    2. Copies of forms and letters: If you used a lot of symbols or abbreviations, it would be helpful to the reader to create a list of abbreviation explanations. You should also include a glossary if you have used a lot of technical terms.
    3. Figures, tables and graphics: You might find that you have a lot of figures, tables and graphs; you should put the ones that are not essential to the thesis statement into the appendix.
  • Formatting Your Appendix
    You might choose to have a single appendix with all of the information combined, or you can separate it into different headings depending upon how much information you have got. This will make things easier in terms of navigation for the reader.
    It is also advised that you title and number the individual elements of each appendix so that there is a clear distinction when you are referring to it in the main body.
  • Making Reference to an Appendix
    It is essential that you make reference to each part of the appendix at least once in the main body of your thesis.
  • Final Thought
    If you are finding it difficult to get your appendix together, you can go to your college library and have a look at some dissertation appendix example to assist you.