10 Tips To Help You Avoid Problems With Dissertation Proposal Defense

A dissertation defence gives many students nightmares to think about, and for a good reason too! The fact that you are required to defend very high-level knowledge to people who are more senior than you is terrifying to even the most knowledgeable and confident people. However, you can utilize these 10 tips from Dissertation Team to avoid any complications during your defense.


The first step to avoiding any complications during your defense is to write a good proposal. A good proposal will mean less questioning by the faculty members when you present to them. A well-written proposal will include a clear thesis statement, a clear aim of what you are looking to achieve and what research methodology you will employ during your work.


The main part of your proposal that you will be asked a lot of questions on will be your methodology. So be well aware of many aspects of your methodology, such as your sample size, confidence intervals, other methodologies you could have employed and why you favored the methodology that you did. Be well versed on these questions, as most students receive a lot of inquiries into their methodologies.


Make sure to be well prepared before the start of your defense. If you will be using, for example a projector to present, then make sure this is all set and ready by the time the faculty members are ready to hear from you.


Since you are presenting to group of people senior to yourself, you should be adequately dressed. Dress in a nice suit and treat it like a job interview.


A big mistake many students make is that they talk to their presentation, not making much eye contact with their audience. Make sure to talk to your audience, and not to your PowerPoint!

Voice Projection

Make sure you sound confident in your proposal, because if you do not sound confident yourself, then how do you expect other people to be confident in your proposal?

Some other tips you should utilize include:

  • Keeping the time to around 45 minutes
  • A detailed timeline of when you expect to hit certain milestones during your dissertation
  • No more than 25 slides in your presentation
  • Be prepared to back up your statements with facts