Picking up powerful graduate dissertation topics

So it’s that time of the year and dissertation season has come around again. The majority of students don’t actually mind writing the dissertation it’s the first hurdle they always complain about and that is choosing a topic. Well you don’t need to worry too much about that, here are some powerful graduate dissertation topics to get you started.

  1. Discuss the theory that substance abuse is the result of a psychological predisposition to reckless behaviour and addiction. If this is the case, how true is it that drug addiction is often replaced by another addiction such as religion or exercise.
  2. Discuss how the economy in South Africa is being paralyzed by strikes in service delivery.
  3. How has the Ugandan economy improved since oil was discovered in the country in 2006?
  4. How has HIV/AIDS affected the African economy?
  5. To what extent has the growth of information technology been a curse on the Western World?
  6. Discuss how the social construction of beauty on Western society has led to eating disorders amongst teenage girls?
  7. Discuss bullying intervention and prevention strategies for disabled children. Assess how often it takes place and identify the protective and risk factors.
  8. Discuss the prevalence of violence and neglect against children with hyperactivity disorder.
  9. Evaluate countries that are going through Social Services Reforms. What issues were they facing that led to the reforms being initiated.
  10. Discuss the possibilities of World War III taking place considering the current global crisis.

Here is a list of interesting graduate dissertations topics that you can choose from. Once you have decided on the subject that you want to research it is essential that you get working on your project straight away. Leaving your thesis until the last minute is not advisable, depending on the length of your dissertation, you should spend a minimum of two months writing it, and this is before you have written your final draft. You will need to communicate with your supervisor constantly to ensure that you are following the right graduate dissertation structure and that you do not make any mistakes that will cost you a reduction in your final grade.