List of brilliant criminology dissertation topics to investigate

A dissertation counts for a high percentage of your overall final grade. Therefore, it is essential that you invest time and effort into writing it to ensure that you get the highest grades possible. The first hurdle you will need to jump over is finding a topic to write about. This is where the majority of students get stuck; to help you get started we have compiled a list of brilliant criminology dissertation topics and some fantastic criminology dissertation ideas for you to choose from.

  1. Do you agree that former prisoners who have served their sentences and are now living according to the laws of the land should be allowed to vote? What are your arguments for or against this?
  2. How does labelling teenagers as delinquent lead to a self fulfilling prophecy?
  3. Attacks against the Muslim community have increased since the 9/11 terrorism attak; review the main groups of people who have been held responsible for the increase in hate crime against Muslims.
  4. Examine institutional racism within Ivy League universities in America. In particular evaluating the acceptance rates between qualified white and Black students with the same qualifications.
  5. Homeless people are often the targets of senseless crimes. What are the reasons for this? In your discussions pay particular attention to social insecurity and the increase in barbarism in society.
  6. Are prisoners who work subject to slave labor or is it a case of the punishment fits the crime?
  7. Theft, drug dealing and other forms of petty crimes appear to be accepted and even encouraged in impoverished areas. Discuss.
  8. Are public perceptions of the police getting worse? If so what are the reasons for this?
  9. Arson against educational establishments are on the increase. Is this a reflection of society’s view of education?
  10. Describe the history of institutional racism within the police force over the last 60 years. Make comparisons between the Metropolitan Police force in the United Kingdom and the police force in the United States.

Now that you have decided on your topic, your next step is to gather your research materials and start writing your outline. It is essential that you communicate with your supervisor often to ensure that you are on the right track and provide you with all the information that you will need to write your dissertation successfully. You might want to visit your local library and get some criminology dissertation examples to look at before you get started. It is also advised that you start writing your thesis early, this will give you time to make any amendments before submitting your final draft.