Rent in University City Philadelphia


If you’re looking for an affordable, private place to live near UPenn and Drexel, you can find it in rent in university city philadelphia. This West Philadelphia neighborhood is a bustling, vibrant center of higher education and life sciences research. Its thriving student population drives the neighborhood’s energy and attracts top talent nationally and internationally. Its historic houses and modern high-rises are complemented by delicious restaurants, a high-end art gallery scene and fun get-together spots.

How much is an apartment in Toronto per month?

The 2.4 square mile area is also a thriving center of innovation, home to cutting-edge discoveries originating out of 1.89 million square feet of lab space in research hubs like City Square, Schuylkill Yards, and Pennovation. This influx of new talent is bolstering the region’s economy and propelling it to the top of North American tech clusters in terms of job creation from 2022-2025, according to CBRE.

This diverse community is a mix of students, young professionals, and older adults. The neighborhoods of Cedar Park, Squirrel Hill, and Walnut Hill straddle the borders of University City. The area’s residential inventory varies from shared housing in 19th century Victorian homes to high-rise luxury apartments.

As the heart of Philadelphia’s academic district, University City is a safe neighborhood with easy access to public transportation, making it an ideal location for anyone wanting a short commute and a lively urban lifestyle. You’ll find that most grocery stores, pharmacies and other shops are no more than a 10-minute walk away. Getting to City Center from anywhere in the district is a breeze via the Market-Frankford Line and SEPTA bus routes.

Carpet Cleaners Ashford – Why You Should Have Your Carpets and Upholstery Professionally Cleaned


Carpet Cleaners Ashford

A dirty carpet can have a serious impact on your home or business. Not only does it look unpleasant but it may also absorb smells and attract mites, bacteria and other harmful organisms. Regular professional cleaning will reduce these problems and prolong the life of your carpets and furnishings. Read more

Most people assume that as long as their carpets aren’t visibly soiled, they don’t need to have them cleaned. But a vacuum cleaner and stain removers are only good for superficial dirt. The ingrained, ground-in debris that a vacuum cleaner struggles to lift can cause your carpets to break down and become threadbare.

Stain Solutions: How Ashford Carpet Cleaners Tackle Tough Carpet Challenges

Regular, thorough cleaning of your carpets and furniture will improve the quality of the air in your space and help to alleviate allergies for those living with them. Our trained technicians know what it takes to extract even the most deeply ingrained dirt, leaving your carpets and upholstery sparkling clean.

Unlike most steam cleaners that use gallons of water and high pressure, we employ a low moisture process to ensure your fabric isn’t left soggy. This not only makes your fabric dry quicker but it prevents the reappearing of spots caused by dirt wicking up the fibres as it dries. In addition, our chemicals and soaps are non-toxic so you can feel confident that your family, pets or employees aren’t being exposed to any harsh substances. We recommend that you have your carpets and sofas professionally cleaned at least twice a year, depending on the amount of traffic in your home or office and whether children or pets live there.

Cost to Replace Garage Door Spring


When a garage door spring breaks, it can make the garage door difficult or even impossible to open. This is more than just a nuisance, it can also be dangerous if the door falls on someone or a pet.

How do I know what size spring I need?

If a spring is broken, homeowners should get it replaced as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs and reduce the risk of injury. The cost of replacing a garage door spring depends on the type of spring, how many are needed, where the homeowner lives and who does the repair. National figures compiled by trade organizations suggest that the average cost of a garage door spring replacement is $250 with a range of $150 to $350.

The cost to replace a garage door spring in Calgary is usually less than homeowners might expect, especially if they choose to hire a professional for the job. However, it’s important to remember that the labor rate can vary depending on local wages and the number of springs being replaced. The labor charges can also add up quickly if there are other issues with the garage door that need to be addressed, such as worn cables or a broken track.

Extension springs typically have a shorter lifespan than torsion springs and often break within a few years of use. When this happens, they can become overstretched and lose tension, so it’s important to replace them both at the same time. In most cases, a garage door pro will charge between $40 and $80 to install a pair of new extension springs.

Glass Scratch Repair


Glass serves as a durable and glamorous surface in the home. But normal wear and tear can leave thin surface scratches. While a professional glazier can polish out deeper gouges that you can feel with your fingernail, you can minimize the appearance of superficial scratches with three common household materials and some simple techniques. Learn more

Can you sand scratches out of glass?

Start by cleaning the area to remove dust and debris. Then dry the glass surface with a soft cloth. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to a damp, lint-free cloth and gently rub over the scratched surface in a circular motion. Wash off the excess paste and check the scratch’s visibility. Repeat as needed until the scratch is no longer visible.

You can also try using metal polish, which is available at most automotive stores or online. Look for a polish that has cerium oxide in its ingredients as it will work faster than others. Place a small amount of the product on a soft cloth or cotton ball. Gently rub over the scratched surface in alternating circles for 30 seconds. Then rinse the product off the glass and dry it thoroughly.

Another option is to buff away a glass scratch with superfine steel wool. This can be bought at most hardware and home improvement stores. Follow the directions on the package and use a new pad for each buffing session. The finer the steel wool, the more it will smooth out the surface of the window.